Small Business Ideas for New Women Entrepreneurs

If you’re a woman entrepreneur and looking for an opportunity to start your own business, then this post is for you! Whether working at home or in the office, we all know that small businesses are booming. There’s never been a better time than now to get started with your own small business. 

Moms want convenience when they work from home and can’t leave their kids alone during the day; what if there was a way where she could take her laptop into her child’s room while he naps? Or how about mothers who

We’ve rounded up 10 of the best small business ideas for women entrepreneurs to help make it easier on those of us who are just starting. These businesses can be started with limited investment and provide many opportunities to build your income potential. 

This list includes everything from fashion design to baking- no matter your skill level or interest, there’s something on this list that will suit the needs of any woman starting her venture. 

List of 10 Best Small Business Ideas for New Women Entrepreneurs

1. Public relations and marketing

Small company owners are wary about social media. You can establish and expand a successful company in this field if you have a history in marketing or are acquainted with social media.

Because of the high need for these services, you don’t have to limit yourself to marketing and public relations; you may establish your marketing firm right from your kitchen table.

2. Decorating/interior design

You may even create areas from the comfort of your own home. You can help homeowners design their homes on a budget with only a photo of the area, a few measurements, and style preferences if you know where to look for the greatest discounts on home décor.

Luxury home decoration and commercial space design may be fiercely competitive. However, there are other methods to start an interior design firm from the ground up.

A minimalist design package with decluttering services or a wedding designer with a reception liaison add-on are two examples. You can develop a great company by being creative with what you design, how you design it, and where you operate.

3. Photographic work

It might be difficult to break into the photography profession. You can attract clients that desire something different if you vary your services and build a distinct style. Another option is to specialize in a certain area, such as newborn photography or wedding photography.

You may earn money by taking images in a variety of ways. You may take photos of families and events, as well as business headshots. You may also use the internet for marketing your photographs as art or stock pictures.

If you wish to do weddings, approach well-known local wedding photographers and ask to be their second shooter. The connections and trust you build by supporting them will eventually lead to recommendations.

4. Modifications and sewing

A sewing and modifications company is one of the greatest home-based business ideas for women skilled at sewing and who have a good understanding of textiles. Begin by specializing in a certain modification and establishing yourself as the go-to seamstress for those projects. You may begin with hemming jeans and on to goods such as bridal gowns.

Make friends with the proprietors of vintage clothes shops in your region to suggest clients to you. You may also make additional money by teaching beginning sewing lessons and spreading the word about your services.

5. Dry cleaning service

This is one of the top housewife business ideas. This service is available at many laundromats. Sign up with a business like Laundry Care to take care of some marketing to set yourself apart and create a customer base.

Laundry can become an all-day affair if you put it off long enough. Many busy parents and professionals may not have time to wash all of the laundries for their families. You pick up, wash, fold, and drop off garments for customers as a mobile laundry service. You might make $30 to $50 for every load of laundry, depending on the clothing and amount of things.

6. Grooming and boarding for dogs

Pets are quite popular among Americans. Pet owners in the United States spend nearly $6 billion on grooming, boarding, training, walking, and other pet services each year. A mobile dog grooming, pet boarding, or pet exercise service might be a terrific company to start if you prefer furry babies to human ones.

7. High-end fashion resale

For stay-at-home parents or anybody with love for fashion, buying used goods and reselling them on Poshmark, Mercari, or eBay may be a rewarding profession. Because of their high resale value, high-end luxury brands are the best to create a company on. You may locate high-end apparel in local thrift shops if you reside in or near an affluent community.

8. Freelance writing job

Companies are prioritizing excellent content more and more each year, making possibilities and work for freelance writers simpler to come by and more rewarding.

It requires more than good grammar and AP formatting to work as a freelance writer. To expand your business, you’ll need to know where to look for employment, how much to charge, and how to improve your skills.

9. Tutoring

Begin by honing your talents with a well-known service. Once you’ve become used to teaching part-time, you may start your own full-time tutoring company by locating your students and employing other tutors who specialize in subjects you don’t know much about.

10. Catering

You may not have the equipment to serve a 100-person wedding as a small caterer. However, you may easily cater wedding showers, baby showers, and small holiday parties, offering a tailored menu and an experience that a major corporation cannot match.

And catering isn’t only about serving meals. You may open a mobile bar that specializes in personalized drinks for weddings and celebrations. Always check with your county and state health agencies for food and beverage permits and licenses, and follow all applicable regulations.


It can be tough to know which business idea is best for you and your lifestyle. Whether you want a side hustle or something more than part-time, we’ve gathered ten great small businesses ideas that are perfect for women who have just started as entrepreneurs. Many of these involve using skills from other careers, but all offer the opportunity to start fresh with new challenges and opportunities in an exciting industry! So what do you think? Which one will it be?

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