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As surprising and shocking as the title of this article may sound, it’s only but true that some Hollywood actors whom you deem to be super rich or financially flamboyant are actually not rich as presumed.

Hollywood is filled with glamour and fascinating façade but looking deeply you get to see what’s behind those smile and cheers on red carpets.

However, it is good to note that they are not actually poor by general standard or should I say by your standards, but by the level of their personal success and heights they’ve attained in arguably the biggest movie industry in the world; Hollywood.

Now let’s look at the descending list of the 7 poorest Hollywood actors today.



The first on my list of the 7 poorest Hollywood actors is Sinbad. Contingent upon your age, you might possibly recall Sinbad, yet the jokester was at one time a big deal in the Hollywood Industry.

He had his own TV show at one point and featured in a lot of films, all while keeping a strong stand-up parody vocation; all of which should leave him an amazingly wealthy man.

However, Celebrity Net Worth estimates he’s worth about $4 million, which isn’t anything to wheeze at, yet thinking about the fact that there was a point during his illustrious career when Sinbad appeared to be all over the place, it’s a shockingly low number.

Reason for such financial decline and earning a place in the list of the 7 poorest Hollywood actors was a run of clinical emergencies, including a spinal fusion medical procedure in 2015, which further eased back his capacity to work while draining his financial capability.

Sinbad has done some inconsistent TV shows lately, remembering a standard part for the recently dropped FOX arrangement “Rel”, which has permitted him to reconstruct his fortune to a certain degree.



If you’ve never heard the aforementioned name, then you’re probably just a kid or one who does not fancy stand-up comedy. Norm Macdonald is a renowned legend in the world of stand-up comedy, he has been top of the game for nearly 30 years straight and counting.

As at 2018, he became the highest paid television performer which begs the question; how did his net worth decline so badly and fast?

There is actually just one answer to that question and that is “Gambling”. MacDonald is a habitual gambler. According to him, he gambles uncontrollably and is very much aware of that but all attempt to curb the act has proved abortive.



The case of Kelly Rutherford’s financial decline is one that deserves pity. If you carefully read through this list you’d notice most of the currently broke superstars listed here became broke as a result of their drug addiction, inflated ego, and irresponsible spending.

As for Kelly, her decline is solely due to divorce. As we all know, divorce greatly affects the wealth of any victim. Kelly had to spend enormous amount of money flying to and fro Monaco just to see her children. Page six reported that she made about 70 trips in less than two years.

Kelly Rutherford deserves to be applauded for still retaining her millionaire status despite all she’s been subjected to.


  1. LINDSAY LOHAN (NET WORTH: 800, 000)

When listing the hottest young Hollywood stars of early 2000s, Lindsay Lohan is arguably the first name on everyone’s lips, but looking at the way she fell financially, that seems like a tale of hundred years ago.

She rose to stardom at the early age of 18, thanks to her involvement in blockbuster movies like “Herbie Fully Loaded, Just My Luck, and Georgia Rule” in which she was paid over $7.5 million in each of those film.

Her financial decline came at the age of 23 as a result of her drug problems which took her to rehab three consecutive times, chalking out over $5, 000 a week (that level of expenses would wear out even the biggest bank account).


  1. GARY BUSEY (NET WORTH: $500, 000)

It’s actually hilarious how someone who barely goes a year without an acting role could go so broke and earn a notable spot on the 7 poorest Hollywood actors list.

Gary Busey is a prodigiously successful actor, he is popularly known in Hollywood and around the world for hit movies such as “Under siege and Point Break”, as well as “The Buddy Holly Story” which earned him an Oscar nomination.

In the early years of his career, he suffered a ghastly motorcycle mishap that lead to severe brain injuries which altered his behaviors in ways that affected his career.

Busey became unable to censor his thoughts, had no impulse control, and an annoying addition to drugs. As a results of his new behavior, he was unable to land a reasonable acting role leading to low income which later drove him to bankruptcy.



Theresa Elizabeth Polo a very popular American actress and model, widely known for her role as Pam Byrnes-Focker in the blockbuster movie “Meet the Parents” and her work in “The Fosters and Good Trouble” which grossed over $1 Billion worldwide.

She has appeared in over 100 movies and TV shows in the past four decades but still fell into enormous debt and filed for bankruptcy in 2014.

Her financial decline has been majorly as a result of tax debt, earning a spot in the list of the 7 poorest Hollywood actors.

She’s currently working and getting paid but most of her salaries goes to servicing her tax debt.



The first on my list of the 7 poorest Hollywood actors is Randy Quaid. It’s really shocking how a highly talented personnel like Quaid could drop so low.

He had a wonderful movie career which brought him several acclaims such as Oscar, OFTA TV, and Festival Award as well as Emmy Award recognition. He went on to win the Golden Globe Award for the movie “LBJ: The early years”. His most popular movies still remains “LBJ, National Lampoon Vacation” and “Elvis” as well as notable involvement in the comedy world.

After starring in many movies and TV shows, randy Quaid and his second wife Evi popularly known as the Quaid’s suffered various controversy and legal issues leading to his negative net worth. The Quaid’s were arrested on several occasions for different crimes especially fraud but they made it a habit to always skip bail and miss court dates.

In 2009 he was banned from the Actor’s Equity Union and was fined $81, 000 after a run of strange occurrences during rehearsals for “Lone Star Love” and also got arrested for failing to pay a $10, 000 bill at Santa Barbara Hotel.

After 2010, the years that followed for Randy Quaid and his wife Evi were full of great misfortunes, they were fined huge sums of money on different occasions and also faced many court cases. All this misfortunes surmounted to him not being able to get any acting role again which meant no money was coming in and subsequently drove him to a negative net worth.


Note: This list of the 7 poorest Hollywood actors is subject to change as ones financial state in life is not constant. Just as the saying goes “Change is perpetual”.

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