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If there’s one thing I’ve learnt from Hollywood stars like Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill, Dave Franco, Sean William Scott (stifler), Tracy Morgan, Sarah Silverman, and Zooey Deschanel, it’s how to be great at parties and steal the spotlight.

Whether you love them or hate them, parties are important. They are where people meet future business and romantic partners and friends, where small talk becomes the stuff of life.

Thanks to the Hollywood stars aforementioned and a host of others, this article will show you how to make seamless, beautiful small talk that leads to important conversations and connections. It will ease you into mingling effortlessly, and it will even demonstrate the right way to leave (without ruining your life). Go forth and party.



There are steps you can take to make arriving at a party less stressful and more fulfilling. Take a look at the way Sandra Bullock and Anne Hathaway dramatically arrived at the Met Gala in the American heist movie; “Ocean 8”.


Have a Purpose

One of the issues with parties, unless you’re the most gregarious of extroverts, is that feeling when you’re about to walk into one but don’t know a single person there. Or perhaps you’re only vaguely connected to the host, who will surely be busy hosting.

How do you start a conversation at a party with a complete stranger or someone you barely know? But there’s a reason you’re going to this thing. If there isn’t, you should think about not going.

But let’s assume you do want to go, at least a little bit more than you don’t. Take a moment to identify, realistically, what your purpose for going actually is.

Is it:

  • To make a business connection?
  • To meet a new friend?
  • To relax?
  • To have a good conversation?
  • To taste some new food or wine?
  • Or like Tom Cruise; to plan a heist?

After you define your purpose, it becomes easier to set a goal for attending the party. Then you know what you want to accomplish before you have to leave.


Find Your Ensemble

Party prep should involve what you wear. Pick a tried-and-true outfit. “Whatever taps you into the very best version of yourself”


Offer something

Remember that conversation is part of what you bring to any social event.


Arrive on Time, and Go Alone (If You Dare)

There’s the sense that we should arrive fashionably late and with a posse of friends, but in fact, the very best time to get there is right when the party starts — before everyone is ensconced in conversations and you find yourself in the position of having to work your way into established groups.

If you can bear it, go solo, and watch the other guests make a beeline toward you.



It’s time to start meeting your fellow partygoers and impressing them with your warm and witty repartee. But how do you do that?


Just Look Around and Smile

“The first couple minutes are the most crucial. If you can smile and make eye contact, that puts you in the right place,”


Keep in mind: “You don’t have to be an extrovert to have fun at parties,”


Put Down Your Phone

This part is very important as phones complicate everything. The bad thing is that they can send the message: Don’t talk to me.

If you’re a true Hollywood fan, you’d notice its absence in parties, they prefer communicating through ear bud and this helps you blend in seamlessly.



Mingling is an art, but remember what you’re here for: to have fun and meet people.


Awkward Silences Happen

One way to avoid them is to assume the burden of the conversation, come up with things to talk about, take the conversation in another direction.



Make eye contact: Hold your eye contact for a split second longer than you want.

Keep up your posture: Also practice good posture, standing with your shoulders up and back, to project confidence and self-assurance — qualities that make you magnetic to others and can boost your self-confidence.

Open your body: Crossing your arms at cocktail party’s makes you look like a know-it-all, so try keeping them to your sides,”

Smile: “You look approachable if you’re scanning the room, and if you plant some kind of soft smile on your face. Even if you have to fake it, you’ll come across as comfortable and relaxed in your own skin.



You’re the hit of the party, and you’ve charmed your way into the hearts of all. Now stick the landing.


Read the Room

While you don’t want to make a big interruption, you should acknowledge the departure and thank your host. He admitted that there are, of course, always exceptions, and you could follow up after the party to thank the host if the in-person goodbye simply can’t happen.


What if I Mess Up Terribly?

Say you forget a name, or spill your drink all over your host’s white carpeting? Admit the predicament, apologize with sincerity and move on, It doesn’t need to be so scary.


Know That There Will Be Others

When you leave, leave the party behind — don’t sweat the inevitable after-party F.O.M.O.


Looking for great Hollywood movies that can help enhance your party life? Check the list below

  1. 21 and over
  2. Old House (I need not talk about this one, just watch it)
  3. The Hangover (a lovely comedic movie, having many sequels later on. It involves some crazy Hollywood stars like Bradley Cooper, Ed helms and Justin Bartha).
  4. Alpha house ( has to do with the biggest party fraternity on campus with acts like Heather Paige, Jean Louise and Chris O’Brien)
  5. Bad neighbours (an award winning 2014 movie involving top acts like Rose Bryne, Zac Efron, Seth Rogen & Dave Franco).
  6. Van wilder
  7. Project X
  8. Spring Breakers and
  9. American Pie (Watch and learn from Steve Stifler the party king)

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