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This is one caption most persons have been seeking answers to and to be honest, it has been a controversial subject. Hollywood holds its origin from America while Bollywood from India.

Hollywood had been in existence way before Bollywood begun. Actors from that age have become famous stars today and this is to say that fame cannot be gotten overnight; it has to be consistently worked for. Each year, new artistes emerged and evolved the film industry to what we know today.

For some reasons, people preferred Hollywood movies. Some include the height of suspense, drama, intense action and the ability to capture the audience’s attention till the end of the movie. Series and Tv shows were also present and this kept many glued to their Tv screens.

Hollywood movies could range from sensitive topics like racism to survival, wars and the likes. Nowadays, a wide range of Hollywood movies introduce some fun, romance and comedy.

Bollywood, on the other hand, seems more peculiar to the religion and activities that happen in India. For example, sexual assault has been one of the biggest issues therefore, Bollywood movies aim at enlightening the world about these issues and showing others their peculiar culture.

One disadvantage however, is that such movies paint a bad reputation for the country. Nonetheless, their movies are often fun to watch accompanied with their performances like dancing and singing. Although not everyone is a fan of such entertainment but it is sure exciting. Some persons express dissatisfaction at such performances and think it is unnecessary in movies. Certainly not all of their movies portray that but most of them do.


Whereas Hollywood is broader and enclose a variety of subjects, Bollywood is more focused on issues prevailing in their society and this limits their industry in a way. Bollywood is also not prominent for creating hit suspense movies but Hollywood has the strategy for that. Most Bollywood movies can be predicted but it’s not the same case for Hollywood. Because of this, Hollywood gains more recognition and attachment than the other.

Both industries pass a message in their movies, making them desirable to watch but quality, action and interest distinguishes them. That is why someone can watch a Hollywood movie twice or more but watch Bollywood just once. The key is finding what your audience will be interested in and streamlining your movie towards that perspective.

Everything matters in film production, right from the title of the movie down to the actors, light, equipment, costume, it all plays a crucial role in building the interest of your audience. Viewers don’t just want to be entertained, they want to see the best. The more you give in terms of quality, the more people would view your show.


Bearing this in mind, Bollywood can still make that progress and widen their horizon to putting in more action and suspense in their movies. The little details are extremely important, this include the movie designs, it should be attractive and engaging. The name of the movie should leave people guessing and craving to see the full clip. Invest in the right resources to derive the best outcome for the movie.

Motivation and passion should also be another driving force. You make movies not just to make money but to tell people a story, it might be yours or some other person. This is what gives Hollywood an edge in the film industry. They want their story to be heard, not just some one hour fun video with singing and dancing. It should be relatable; viewers should watch and feel like they are in that same situation. It makes it more interesting. People’s attention are drawn when thrillers are released, it leaves them wanting more. Once you are passionate about it, so much effort and hardwork would be put into making the movie a success. This alone can guarantee more than 50% success of the film.

Most Bollywood movies tend to have the same storyline so there is nothing much to anticipate for. Creative directors must have unique storylines from the previous ones, it may take some time but it is always worth it. One thing Bollywood is always trying the most in is their horror films; they are intriguing, terrifying and suspense full. Hollywood has the same degree too, if not more. They might also consider animations and comics, these are areas that haven’t been explored yet. For any successful film industry, it must have resources for people of varying ages i.e., adults, children, teenagers and so on. Once this is achieved, then there are no limitations to what anyone can watch.

Hollywood has gained popularity over the years with consistent growth and change. So it is safe to say that Hollywood is better based on the many  years of experience and how much have been accomplished so far. However, Bollywood still has a shot at it. Hollywood has higher records of movies produced per year as compared to Bollywood. As it was said earlier, the more you give, the more views you get. Hollywood has also crafted movies in line with certain diseases e.g. five feet apart (Cystic Fibrosis) and many more. Certain viral outbreak productions too have been created by the Hollywood industry. Basically, they are no shortcuts just patience, growth and time.



As a final note, Hollywood is by far the biggest film industry in the world and when compared with Bollywood, it has gained the rewards of previous years of hardwork and is still evolving. Bollywood has also attained some individual heights but not there yet. In the nearest future, it may remain this way or Bollywood might take over but those chances are quite slim.

Next time you think of this subject, you now have reasons why Hollywood would be the all-time pick. And for those who wish to become famous in Hollywood, note that it does not happen suddenly. It takes time, passion and effort and you need to be ready for it.

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