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It’s not a thing of surprise that the movie scene falls into two major selections, not evenly put, or to say the most popular aspects of the movie viewing falls majorly between thrillers and dramas. Most people are in it for the adrenaline rush. Some are in it for the feels. While there is no greater point of view here or to wrap it up, say a genre is better than the other because it turns out to be a war of perspectives and it’s safe to say that no one has the greater edge but if you study the viewing pattern of the masses you could say that thrillers tend to get a more wider viewership than dramas like rom-coms and historical fictions and the likes.

Thrillers in this light are movies like Fast and furious, Six Underground. The drama scene is also a major aspect of TV, major movies like P.S I love you and Stephen Chiboski’s The Perks of Being a wallflower have turned out to be major hit movies grossing the highest numbers on the Box Office.

Though thrillers which tends to have sequels due to large fan base due to past successes this could be seen in movies like Fast and Furious hitting up to ‘part 9’. The major thing is that selects in this certain scenario can be boiled down to the persona of the viewer and a matter of choice.

Dramas in the light are normally series or movies pertaining to sequels such as the infamous Bridgeton and Dickinson, the latter starring Hailee Steinfield who plays the role of an overachieving damsel. Cost wise, it’s quite obvious that it takes more money to direct and shoot a thriller compared to their drama counterparts. Most hit thrillers commonly break out into the hundredth of millions while shooting the common drama takes maybe just a few millions so they tend to be cost wise and cost friendly.

If you are a lover of non-fiction or are a person who tends to keep it as closest to reality as possible because looking at movies like Matrix 4, Transformers or even the popular Marvel Avengers not everyone is accustomed to superhuman and ‘mutants’ and would rather see them as farfetched.

Not pitching a case as to whether the counterpart in question tends to be more realistic because of course without argument we cannot say that all drama movies are non-fiction, but if you observe closely not all elements of the movie turns out to be a hundred percent fiction or I dare say, not so projected as fiction, it could turn out to be something maybe like a genealogy or a bloodline. Something in the backdrop that’s not so easily noticed and not in the plot device or in the general plot of the movie.

Dramas in a general note tends to be more like the normal everyday human life and could make a good point of argument for not so analytical movie viewers because not everyone watches movies with the viewpoint of a person who picks selects for the Oscars, most people just watch movies for the presence of a character, because it was directed by a particular person or just because a colleague suggested it to them at work.

Most of the general movie goers naturally tends to watch thrillers because they do not need a more critical eye to watch and understand. Of course we cannot say this for all thrillers, well, if you have seen Christopher Nolan’s Tenet for one you should understand where I’m driving at but the average thriller, devoid of all time paradoxes and whims tends to be very easy to understand and generally easier to grasp the entire context of the movie.

Dramas on the other hand which normally range from family, plays or biographies needs a more critical and analytical eye to observe. It’s little wonder that such movies tend to win more at awards, categories and film selects. This factor tends to make the latter category come off as boring to the general public and masses in general but to we the self-acclaimed movie critics we know the kind of movies we love, shout out to Knives Out and Parasite fans.

Choosing between these two major selects could be likened to a kind of divide between movie goers and watchers. When it comes to marketing, a particular section of drama tends to have quite a comparable edge to thrillers. Comedy movies gets promotions due to sentiment because almost everyone can relate to a funny movie.

Movies like Ride Along 2, Night School and Anna Kendrick’s Table-19 despite their minimal social media budgeted campaigns and advertisements actually did well in the Box Office because they tend to be promoted by word of mouth and discussed and shared across forums and TV groups for die-hard fans, groups and forums like Reddit and Quora.

Though yes Thrillers get discussed on forums you’d observe that most thrillers can be discovered from your next-door partner of friend next door while these so-called dramas are found on rather obscure forums and discussion platforms.

On my part if told to recommend a movie genre for you the reader firstly it’s important to note that I am in no way giving priority to one genre over another. This is just selecting due to personal observations and choice.

This stated, I’d recommend that you watched more of the drama series. I say this because I feel that thrillers offer either little to no creativity and could be termed as all similar. Also, a famous thriller to me feels like the value has been ripped or has no value.

How so? A movie watched by non-experts seems rather exploited and not worthy of a cult like following but note that all this is just my muse. Dramas on the other hand seem like undiscovered gems that no one has seen and when you happen to do, is cherished and savoured by the viewer.


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