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TV Scriptwriting: Of books, Directors and Producers.



When it comes to script production, creating compelling content to enrapture viewers is an important factor or at least, being able to keep the trend and level of interest or even, increasing from the start of a TV series in particular. Success in this has been seen in sequels like the popular Game of Thrones, The Vampire Diaries and The Originals.

While some series tend to lose their drive and sink like a metal anchor in the ocean, all viewership is lost and the show gets thrown in the bin. From time, or even most often movies and series are actually books or novels that have been pre-written and then becomes movielized for viewing.

This makes room for depth and actually reduces the works of script producers. Also, some movies get written from scratch and actually becomes hits, like 2 Guns. Tv writers are normally fond of expanding movies past the timeframe of the book or source the story was extracted from. In this case, which is commonly written novels by authors like in the case of R.R Martins ‘Game of Thrones’ and Terry Goodkind’s ‘Sword of Truth’.

Game of Thrones at some point in the series completely ran out of production material and the initial author was actually pressured to create material. No wonder if you watch the show it starts to get bland at some point.

There are quite a number of factors to consider before shooting a series, one major and most important factor is cost. Authors or scriptwriters as it may turn out to be could get very creative or the movie in production could contain very good depth, or characters that need a rich plot device to come to life.

These types of movies tend to become more costly or more expensive than the released budget for the given movie or series. In doing so the required threshold the directors want to personally meet might become greatly affected. As for the cost of series being cut short due to cost, we have a very good example which is Netflix’s Sense 8, the series got quite a ton of viewership and great reviews, but the cost of production and marketing was just too much.

Production in this light meant flying to different countries to shoot scenes, think of the cost of flights, travel expenses and permits to shoot in particular places as seen in the movie, some which turns out to be important tourist attractions.

Considering these given factors, it should not be a thing of surprise if the producer decides on cutting the series short if, for one, say the series is not generating enough money to make up for the amount so heavily invested in it’s production, in this light the next available option is to cut the movie short.

Another option is to limit the money that’s been released for the movie and cut down on expenses like production gear like cameras and equipment which may result in having poor or fairly low CGI in the movie.

Producers and directors in their own way are ‘high-budget’ well, when it comes to certain ones like for example, we all know a Christopher Nolan or a Michael Bay movie would be hitting in the hundreds of millions average typically. So, don’t think of dragging one of them in your movie when you are on a budget.

Other ways to mitigate cost of production or total cost in general is the way and manner the movie is released; the answer of course is to release it on a streaming platform. This though is a topic for another day, we are all aware that Christopher Nolan tagged HBO Max as the worst streaming service prior to his latest movie, Tenet’s release.

Maybe Nolan may have a thing or two against streaming platforms but we all know they are cost effective and play a major part in the world of movie production.

Making money from the television and movie market could sometime spell to be an ardous feat as the producer or rather in this case is trying to target the fans or rather find a favourable market, after leasing out TV shows or movies, they are then disbursed into streaming platforms.

This is another way of making money as ticket sales in cinemas after weeks of launch begins to wane, when this is done and the producers are able to notice a favourably good and high quality returns, they could then write a letter to the production company such as universal or Warner Brothers to release money which in lights, after checking the results, would make the producers announce a new series.

In some cases, though, the series could well under way be in production before these factors are even acquired, this could be belief in good faith by the producers who might then extend the much expected ‘good stuff’ or a well expected suspenseful revelation for a farther season.

By doing so, the producers create interest and suspense this is also a good time to market movie ware for fans like autographed caps by favourite characters, shirts, shoes and bags and in some cases, the producers may even organise a miniature con for kids if the requirements are met.

Another thing is movie critics and reviews as producers are always on the target. To scale this, they troll forums like reddit to get a whiff of what people are saying or even check twitter trends to know what is happening. In scenarios like this a director needs to be careful because all it takes is a single tweet to create a very damaging effect on the hardwork of movies and TV production.

In 2020 after releasing his hit time paradox movie Tenet. Christopher Nolan became a target for critics due to some issue with his sound production in the movie. The movie also received heavy criticism and might affect the next movie debut that wants to hire him because he might leave a bad tinge. In all, production is a meticulous task to be studied and execute efficiently.

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