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All About Women In TV



This topic is of course presented in a non-sexist point of view as I the writer has no intention of doing so in any way. The movie industry of course has equal contributions from both sexes when viewing from a general vantage point.

Though these are quite probable facts there is of course a point that we speak about the role of ladies in the movie industry and in the Hollywood scene in particular with the names of women like Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Lawrence and the probable likes in view, talking about Hollywood’s ‘leading women’ is quite important. From thrillers, Rom-coms and even science fiction there are select ladies that have stood out.

Take Mila Jovich in the Resident Evil sequels for the latter and Kristen Stewart in Twilight. Even though we have the one-off hits like Charlize Theron in The Old Guard, women have really played their part in keeping the industry running and afloat.

Though major hit thrillers like James Bond 007 or even the Fast and furious franchise are usually led by males and have female the roles of the side kick or playing the role of the lover this is no way to belittle the female led hits and hit stars or rather, not giving enough needed and much deserved credit to them.

This is in no way an attempt to mar the Hollywood movie movie industry. Taking it from the beginning of the 2000s with movies like Dead or Alive and Romeo must Die, the latter featuring Jet li and Aaliyah.

Women are particularly known to bring an emotional prospect to thrillers when they are the protagonist or playing a similar role like a sidekick for an example while their male counterparts are noticeably devoid of all emotional attributes and the likes, if not all at least it’s just noticeable for example take a Jason Statham Movie.

This could leave less room for creativity and characters bonding. The plot device is always well intriguing when the protagonist has an emotional connection with one of the characters as this could be a source of thrill for say, a kidnapping case or even when such a character is killed and such a scenario is used to incite motive for vengeance. Such a scenario is a well-known strategy to keep viewership high and also, watchers glued to their seats.

Stating this it is also important to note there are also impeccable females in the directing segment such as Gina Prince-Bythewood. These are ladies who are the leaders in creativity in the movie space and also in the world of movie directing. Female led thrillers have a rare and never before seen rush thrill one has never seen before, take on movies of the likes of Colombiana and Ultraviolet.

These female led thrillers are usually spin-offs and Hollywood hits of all time. Counting one is the aforementioned Angelina Jolie who starred in the movie ‘Salt’. Colombiana and Ultraviolet are also similar movies that has women in the forefront of creative and emotional thrillers.

Female led movies are also very great in the comic and comedy front one particular lady is Rebel Wilson who starred in movies like Pitch Perfect and Jojo Rabbit. Though Pitch Perfect is more of a musical it is actually a good example of an impeccably directed movie which is led by a female.

There are also female led magical movies or series or ones where a female plays a major lead one popular one is the one of Amnell in Terry GoodKind’s Sword of Truth which was popularly made into the hit movie series ‘Legend of the Seeker’. Going to the cinema in recent times have turned out to be quite arduous due to the novel coronavirus or popularly known Covid 19 virus.

Release of female led movies have really shined through in these times, one of the, which is DC’s Wonder Woman 1984. Placing women led franchises shows progress for the TV and movie scene in general as they could eventually be made into spinoffs and even their make up and costume can be sold to audiences and even modified into a clothing brand for females which as we are all aware sells faster and better than male brands. This is one major way to increase movie revenue and digital promotions and sales in general.

In 1997 when the popular law comedy series Ally Mcbeal was debuted it won the Primetime Emmy Award for outstanding comedy series. This caused a massive spark in the female led scene with series today like Suits and Pearson women have taken over the TV world by storm and yet another aspect to watch is the TV fashion world which of course, has ladies at the forefront.

Shows like the MET gala and the Emmy awards are popular means of movie fashion promotions in this particular light and even also the première of female led movies like Suzanne Collins Hunger Games.

Ally McBeal put forward the potential that female led series can possess and not excluding Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Shows like this set the trend in the TV industry and made a way for the rise of popular and successful actresses like Taraji P Henson, Tiffany Haddish and Amy Schumer. These ladies are the popular and most prominent names in comedy movies like Tiffany Haddish in Night School and other similar roles and movies.

Women lead ‘band’ in movies like for example ‘ocean 8’ which stars popular singer Rihanna is another creative light to boost the presence of women in TV and movies. These kinds of movies are creative in the light as they bring a new face to the scene of having male adrenaline led action packed movies and also breaking the all too familiar trend.

A good example of this movie is seen in the 2016 version of the hit magic sequel Ghostbusters which from the beginning of time has always been male led and has never broken this trend, in doing this a new front was birthed in the female led movie world.

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