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Even till this very day, many still believe that Bollywood (Indian version of Hollywood) has the highest number of beautiful female actors and is arguably the dynasty of the most beautiful ladies in the movie industry.

This stunning list did justice to such wrong notion and reiterate the fact that Hollywood has the most beautiful ladies in the movie industry. Below is a carefully compiled list of the most beautiful female actors in Hollywood whose beauty is second to none compared to other movie industry.



Born on 9th day of the month of June, 1981, Natalie is a professional Hollywood actress with so many acclaims to her name. Despite the level of beauty she commands, she’s one of the few actors that don’t depend on looks. She effectively pulled out a movie like closer, and my blue berry night.

She is an Israeli born American actress with a net worth of $62 million.

So how does she maintain such beauty? She maintained her beauty by using minimal coverage, applying a primer and try to wear more neutral tones, because she want all her skin to breathe, she also used sunscreen almost every day.

Finally the best beauty routine is a good night sleep and plenty of water, lastly rested hydrated skin always look best.



She is allegedly the prettiest Australian lady, she started her career at a very tender age of 17. For the most popular actress, she got two proposal for the Australian logie medal.

A lady of her beauty is definitely going to have lots of admirers as well as people trying to copy her beauty routine which clearly explains why she has the highest number of followers on Instagram currently sitting at 17.7 million supporters.

As one of the most 100 most important people in the world by time magazine, she is hereby a proficient Hollywood idol. She use oxygenating foundation to achieve a blurred perfected finish that actually works to treat skin care. At the same time it reduce the risk of any breakouts.



She was involved in quite a high number of blockbuster Hollywood movies and is well known for her style and action. She has a good sense of hump, making her character impressive behind the scenes.

In 2016, she pulled out a classic performance in the popular superhero franchise movie (Batman vs. Superman Dawn of Justice). Gal Gadot beauty went on to earn her the wonder woman role, once more buttressing just how beautiful she is and how far true beauty can actually take you in life.

When asked in an interview just how she manages to stay gorgeous despite the exhausting movie roles she plays. She replied, saying; “I put a moist towel in the microwave, heat it up for about a minute, and then take all the make-up off with the hot towel and I will just wash my face.

She went on further saying that if you just apply some lavender or any essential oils that you like on the wash then it only gets better.



A legend in Hollywood with dozens of awards and performance to her name. She has been acting and producing some non-fiction movies for over three decades, from thrillers (Life Bed Box) to romantic comedies like (While You Were Sleeping, Two Weeks Notice) and suspense movies like (The Net).

With such beauty, her pocket is always going to be full, she boasts a net worth of $250 million. She is a minimalist when it comes to skin care.



In 2014, she was appointed for the best supporting actress academy award. To illustrate a determined actress in 2016, she obtained an academy award for the Best Actress.

Emma is an expert in comedy and drama; she is certainly one of the most recognized actresses in Hollywood, it is impossible for her talent and beauty to go unnoticed.

When asked about her beauty, she said that one of her beauty secret is coconut oil and olive oil to take care of her skin.



Despite her age and motherly stress, Angelina Jolie has managed to ensure her beauty is number one of the 100 reasons you’d want to see her face on the big screen.

In other ways, she is enticing, she has a face with a very scarce shape that gives her face a level of sexiness. She has beautiful, naturally full lips and a dazzling to her eyebrows.

As an actress, Angelina Jolie has the range and depth of feelings that no other actress could match. She introduces solemnity to every role she plays.

The routine to her beauty still remains a secret.



Born in Brooklyn, Anne Jacqueline Hathaway is a prominent Hollywood actress. She is regarded by many as epitome of beauty, especially in younger days.

On pinterest, she has a board called “Gorgeous Human on Earth”, there you could learn a lot about her beauty.



Just as I mentioned earlier, being beautiful comes with a lot of fascinating and interesting benefits.

Jennifer Lawrence once earned the spot of the highest paid actress in Hollywood very early into her career. She was also the youngest actress to be appointed for oscars by the age of 23.

From blonde beachy waves to a chestnut brown waves, she has never shied away from exploring what’s available in the beauty department.


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