There are many businesses you can do from home which do not require a lot of money to start up. People tend to go for these businesses not only because they require little money but also because they are easy to do and profitable as well. We highlight some for you here . WEB DESIGNING, COOKING CLASSES, ONLINE FASHION BOUTIQUE, LAUNDRY, BAKERY


is a very good business to start with little capital. Young people especially students are now going for this business to cater for their needs. The only investment you need is your materials in the form of a Laptop, Private computer.

You can be employed and be working for a company or be a freelance web designer working from home. Your skill and ability in web designing determine your pay scale for the work you take.


You can easily start this business in your own kitchen with all the necessary recipes. You don’t necessarily need a lot of money to invest in this business. With the recipes and marketing, you can start your cooking class.


The fashion industry is one of the most recent ventures around the world. Unlike before where you can mainly sell and advertise your business offline, it has become a global business where you can also sell your fashion store on the internet such as blogs, social media platforms, and websites by shipping customers’ orders to their location.

You do not necessarily need a lot of money to invest in an online fashion boutique because customers do not have to see your full store of fashion accessories before they patronize you. You only need to post what you have in your store online and customers who are interested in it will go for it. 


Dry cleaning business is one of the less costly and more profitable businesses.

Nonetheless, to prosper in this business, you must know the basic start up guides which will give you a successful operation of the laundry business.

Get all your materials and items ready, materials such as pressing iron, Washing or dry cleaning machine, Ironing table, hangers, Generator e.t.c. are necessary


Baking is a lucrative business of which you can start with a little capital. You can do any of these baking businesses from home and make your money. Some salary earners do these businesses when they are back from their workplace, and it doesn’t affect their major job. Students also invest in confectionaries like doughnuts, fishroll, cupcakes e.t.c due to its less cost. This does not need a lot of money as it can be sold at home.


There are many small scall businesses you can start from home the list is endliess especially with the advant of Covid19 people are starting to realize owning their own businesses is the key to beating high inflation and low pay and other issues arises from lost of jobs

So which one would you like to startup with?

By Nwankwo Uche

I am a writer and a blogger who love to inspire and support startup business owners

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