Coconut rice is a simple and tasty rice dish made by using new ground coconut, treating flavors, and rice. It is perhaps the most fundamental South Indian food made for dinner. Coconut rice is a straightforward, delightful dish that goes incredible with curries, pan-sears, chicken, or hamburgers.

if you will love to learn this delicious delicacy, Let’s go straight to the process:

Coconut rice formula – Ingredients.

  • 1 bowl coconut milk, sieved for particles
  • 3 cups in length grain rice
  • 2 onion bulbs, finely destroyed
  • Cooked meat skin (kpomo)
  • Chicken wings
  • Smoked mackerel
  • Scotch hood
  • Ground crawfish
  • 3 flavoring 3D shape


  • Standard heat up the rice and channel in a colander.
  • Season the chicken wings with a little dry thyme, curry, salt and seasoning cube.
  • Steam over medium hotness before profound searing.
  • Pour a little vegetable oil in the pot and warm over medium hot.
  • Toss in portions of the diced onions and permit it to stew for 30 seconds. (This permits the onions to deliver their flavor.)
  • Add half of the Scotch hood and permit both to stew for an additional 30 seconds.
  • Then, at that point, add 2 teaspoons of dry thyme and curry.
  • Pour in a few chicken stock and 1 cup of water.
  • Add 6 tablespoons of ground crawfish and a couple of portions of salt. Additionally (Maggi) and mix in.
  • Add the smoked mackerel and permit the blend to bubble for around 2 to 3 minutes.
  • Pour in the rice and permit it to cook for around 10 to 15 minutes until it’s appropriately cooked.
  • Pour a few vegetable oils into a dish and heat it.
  • Add the excess destroyed onions and Scotch hat and permit it to stew for 1 moment.
  • Add salt and the hamburger skin (kpomo). Add the generally singed chicken wings and mix.
    Serve hot.


How to extract milk from Coconut rice:

  • Coconut milk

Coconut milk is a rich smooth consistency removed from new mature coconuts, besides, it is a tantalizing choice to cow milk for people who are lactose intolerant.

It’s a great dairy substitute with sound dietary benefits, in particular, it is a low-carb drink like Tiger nut milk drink.

New coconut milk is gotten from the thick white tissue of the coconut and it can likewise be eaten crude or utilized for coconut candy and other culinary plans, then again, coconut water is the succulent fluid inside a coconut.

In Nigeria, coconut milk removal is normally utilized in cooking coconut rice and different food varieties. Fundamentally, coconut milk can either be thick or meager, the principal set of crushed milk is generally thick which is called coconut cream, from that point onward, adding water to separate the leftover milk is known as the coconut slender milk.


  • 4 entire coconuts or parched coconut drops
  • Warm water

Tools Needed

  • Hammer (or hard article for breaking)
  • Cheesecloth (Akamu filtering material) or sifter
  • Blade
  • Grater or Blender
  • Bowls

Technique for separating coconut milk

  • Most importantly, break the coconut using either a sled or hard article.
  • Get a cup and spot it and gather your coconut water, simply feel free to drink it is excellent and wealthy in wholesome substance.
  • Keep on breaking into more modest segments, from that point onward, use a blade and pry out the white tissue which is called coconut meat from the coconut shell.
  • In a bowl of clean water pour all the coconut, wash and slash into little lumps,
  • Flush and fill a blender or other crushing machine,
  • Add warm water and mix to smooth glue structure.
  • If you don’t have a blender, after separating the coconut meat from the shell, wash and use a grater to grind your coconut. It is so natural to grind your coconut.

The next stage is to empty the mixed coconut into a bowl, add warm water, mix appropriately and cover for like 3-5 minutes.
At last, empty out the milk using a sifter or cheesecloth, while using a cheesecloth, empty the substance into the material and press with two hands in order to separate the milk completely.

Furthermore, pour the back into the bowl and add warm water and squeeze out the milk again for the second time.

Coconut milk is ready either for cooking or as an alternative for dairy milk, refrigerated immediately, it is best to serve chilled as a drink.

Medical advantages/ benefits of coconut milk.

  •  It supports weight reduction

Coconut milk is wealthy in short and medium-chain fatty oils that are viewed as solid fats. They delay the sensation of satiety making you eat less and try not to surrender to yearnings. Moreover, they are bound to be changed over to energy rather than longer-chain unsaturated fats.

  •  It contains cancer prevention agents

Coconut milk is plentiful in nutrients C and E that are notable for their enemy of oxidant properties. Free oxygen extremists are shaped by our body tissues during the course of digestion. They are hurtful to cell parts and contribute towards maturing and cancer development. Cancer prevention agents contained in coconut milk help to kill these destructive substances.

  •  Sound hair and skin

As of late, coconut milk has acquired prominence for its utilization as a molding treatment for sound hair. Its high-fat substance goes about as a sealant for dampness maintenance.

When applied to the scalp, coconut milk assists with decreasing dandruff and scalp irritation. This is on the grounds that it contains lauric corrosive that has antibacterial and hostile to parasitic properties.

Coconut milk when applied topically on the skin helps support the skin’s versatility. This successfully diminishes wrinkle arrangement giving you a more energetic appearance. Its antibacterial properties are said to contribute towards skin break-out counteraction.

  • It contains anti-inflammatory properties:

Coconut milk supports the decrease of joint agony and irritation. Sugar is known to be favorable to fiery. Subbing it for coconut milk as sugar can have exceptional outcomes for those experiencing immune system provocative circumstances like rheumatoid joint inflammation and lupus joint pain.

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