Ogbono is one of the most well-known Nigerian soups. It is conveyed using a dry seed of satisfactory typical things discernibly eaten in Nigeria. Ogbono can also be preserved by drying and can still be ground and be consumed.

Okro, then again, is certainly not a sort of soup for a specific ethnic. Okro is by and large the best Nigerian soup that most Nigerian guardians/parents use to begin their children with respect to eating customary Nigeria soup and ”swallow”.

Okro and ogbono is a mix of two draw soups. Is one of the neighborhood soups among the Igbos. It is scrumptious, tasty, and nutritious. Ogbono can also be prepared with bitter leaves as well as okro.

Ogbono and okro soup can be presented with various swallow feasts like semo(you can add your “how to make semo link”), wheat, fufu, eba(garri). e.t.c. This soup doesn’t require some investment to plan instantly, it is prepared to eat with an advantageous swallow.


  • 10-20 finger okro
  • 1/4 cup ground ogbono
  • Beef
  • Smoked fish
  • pomo
  • Palm oil
  • 1 medium onion.
  • Crayfish
  • Iru (locust bean)
  • 1 – 2 condiments
  • Ugwu
  • Salt
  • Pepper to taste.


  • Wash okro and slice to beneficial sizes.
  •  Wash fish, pomo, and meat
  • Wash onion and slash
  •  Wash pepper and toil along with crawfish
  • Set ogbono aside.
  • Wash ugwu and cut.

You can change the amounts of Ogbono and Okra beneath relying upon which one you need to have a greater amount of. So in a case where you need your soup to be mostly Okra soup, you can diminish the amount of Ogbono and increment the amount of okra as well as the other way around.

Cooking instructions.

  • Put beef, fish, and Pomo in a pot, add little water, onion, and salt, and then cook for 5 minutes, ensuring the beef is soft and the Pomo as well.
  •  Put another pot on the fire. Add water and the ogbono and allow to steam or boil for some minutes.
  •  Add pepper to the ogbono and stir well.
  • Add any condiments of your choice either Maggi, knorr, Gino max, or anyone you desire.
  •  Add the Pomo and meat first, allow to boil, and put the fish and crayfish and allow to boil for about 5 minutes.
  • Then add your okro and stir together and cover for it to boil 1-2 minutes.
  • Add the vegetables, stir well and remove the pot from heat to avoid over-cooking the vegetables.
  • Serve with a choice of eba, fufu, oatmeal, amala, semo, wheat, etc.

Benefits of ogbono soup

Ogbono Soup fills in as weight reduction help:

The medical advantages of Ogbono soup are various, yet it is generally notable for its capacity to advance fat consumption and general weight reduction. In a few examinations, ogbono has been noted to cause an expansion in adiponectin, a particle discharged by fat cells that advance both general prosperity and control body structure, prompting weight reduction.

Expanded degrees of adiponectin are additionally related to fat consumption, which would clarify why Irvingia has been associated by various investigations with an enormous lessening in fat mass. Both of these constructive outcomes add to Ogbono’s extraordinary potential as a weight reduction help.

It decreases levels of cholesterol:

Ogbono soup has been shown to bring down degrees of awful cholesterol, fatty oils, and C-responsive protein. There is solid proof that Ogbono soup lessens levels of awful cholesterol and fatty substances in the blood, which is an immediate component in the probability of vascular issues and conceivably cardiovascular breakdown.

It forestalls coronary illness:

It safeguards those in danger of coronary illness, which suggests that ogbono soup is a potential instrument for fighting off the adverse consequences that a helpless way of life can have on the heart. What’s more, the weight reduction advantages of ogbono soup are valuable for the heart also, implying that the impacts of ogbono on heart wellbeing are much more noteworthy.

It manages circulatory strain:

Ogbono soup has another stunt concealing from everyone through managing circulatory strain. Ogbono supplements are connected with a decline in pulse and this can prompt a reduced danger of stroke, cardiovascular breakdown, and thickening problems.

It manages glucose:

Managing the blood glucose levels (all the more ordinarily known as glucose), Ogbono has the impact of both safeguarding the heart and diminishing the danger of diabetes. A decline in blood glucose levels likewise has strong balancing out consequences for temperament, lessen weakness, and can expand practice execution.

Instructions on how to store ogbono seed:

There are 2 kinds of ogbono seeds on the lookout – The new sort and the old kind. The new kind is more costly than the old however it “draws” more than the former (you won’t have to add okro for it to “draw”.

Here is a straightforward method for testing if the ogbono seeds you are going to purchase will “draw”, break the seed into 2, soak the two parts at the point they served, rub them together at this equivalent point, they should feel truly disgusting.

It is ideal to purchase and store as seeds, when mixed and not put away properly or put away for a really long time; Ogbono will taste and smell like cleanser when cooked.

  • Store ogbono seeds from water and dampness.
  • Put newly mixed ogbono seeds into a sealed shut compartment and store them in the ice chest or cooler (it endures longer in the cooler).
  • You can store newly mixed ogbono seeds in Ziploc/cooler sacks (make certain to push out air from the pack prior to fixing) in the refrigerator.

How to get ogbono and price in Nigeria.

Ogbono can be gotten in any market, jumia, or any shopping mart in Nigeria. Ogbono is a solid wellspring of Vitamin B2 and Vitamin C.

Whenever the seed is grounded, it is utilized to make Ogbono soup. Purchase Ogbono seeds obtained straightforwardly from Nigeria for your luxurious indulgences at a limited cost. A paint can of Ogbono weighs 2.25kg and the price is #9,307.55.

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