Semovita is the brand name for one of the various sensitive thick substance called “swallow” in Nigeria. It is normally important for the principle course, filled in as a backup for Nigerian soups, and is ready by constant boiling and turning.

Semovita is an exceptionally simple dish to cook. To that end, it is a decent substitute for Amala, fufu, and pounded yam, Semovita is viewed as a lot more grounded than a lot of different suppers of its sort. Semovita is a decent decision for individuals who are watching their weight.

It is regularly eaten alongside a decent Nigerian soup. Semovita is filled with boiling water and blended well. Subsequently, you get an intense versatile mixture. There ought to likewise not be any lump.

Ingredients needed for semo

  • Semovita ( you can use any brand of your choice )
  • Wooden spatula for stirring(omorogun).
  • Water


  • Pour about 500ml of water into a clean pot and leave to boil on high heat.
  • Take a bowl, pour a cup of semovita in it, and add some cool water into the bowl. Use the wooden spatula to stir the water and semovita continuously until a smooth consistency is achieved.
  • When the water in the pot is boiling, reduce the heat of the stove to medium heat and then, pour the mixed semovita into the boiling water.
  • Continue stirring for 1-2 minutes and then, pour the dry semovita into your mixture,
    stir again until the texture is consistent and then turn off the heat.

Now your semovita is ready to serve with any favorite soup of your choice.

Semolina nutrition:

Semolina flour can be advanced, implying that food makers re-add supplements that were lost during the handling of the durum wheat grain, improved semovita contains more significant levels of nutrients and minerals than enhanced other options.

Semo is high in protein and fiber the two of which slow absorption and increase sensations of completion between dinners, it’s additionally high in vitamin B like thiamin and folate, which play numerous significant parts in the body, including helping convert food into energy.

What’s more, semovita is a decent wellspring of iron and magnesium: these minerals support red platelets creation, heart wellbeing, and glucose control.

Semolina Ingredients:

As we have effectively perceived, semovita is additionally produced using wheat too. Its tone is nearer to white since it’s produced using wheat. The 100 gram serving of semovita has roughly 360 calories. This well-known Nigeria food is regularly taken with various sorts of soup.

Many individuals befuddle two words “semovita” and “semolina” as both of these can be utilized to make “swallow” and eaten with various soups. Simultaneously, semovita is like semolina, which is produced using wheat however the kind of wheat impacts the last tone.

Benefits of semolina:

Weight reduction:

The principal medical advantage of semolina is weight loss. One certain reason for putting on weight is hunger. Fortunately for you, semolina can resolve your concern. As indicated by investigations, semolina can get you far from hunger since semolina will deliver energy gradually. Semolina is additionally wealthy in fiber which can effectively digest your food varieties.

Extraordinary for Diabetics:

Semolina contains low glycemic to that end; eating semolina is extremely suggested for diabetics. While giving an adequate number of diabetics day by day energy, semolina likewise can continue to bring down sugar blood.

Advance Immunity

The selenium present in semolina is known to reinforce your insusceptible framework. Other than selenium, there are vitamin B complexes and vitamin E contained inside. That fundamental nutrient is vital to support your safe framework battling sickness.

Amazing Bones

Semolina can help expand your bone thickness while keeping up with its solidarity and medical issues.

Keep Nervous System Healthy

Known as the prosperity of the apprehensive, semolina is getting more famous as a dish. Semolina offers phosphorus, zinc, and magnesium which are significant for sensory system work.

Forestall Heart Problems:

Semolina offers compound selenium that can safeguard your heart from contaminations. Semolina can likewise keep your heart looking decent. It assists you with advancing your cardiovascular wellbeing adjacent to getting you far from coronary episodes, cardiovascular breakdowns, and that’s just the beginning.

Semolina helps to prevent Anemia:

Your blood should be delivered to stay away from certain issues caused by fewer blood conditions. Sickliness happens when your red blood is beneath how much your body needs. To expand red blood you will require some substance called iron. Furthermore, this iron is found in semolina.

Semolina contains an adequate measure of iron for your body every day. Assuming that your body has sufficient iron, you will be kept away from as well as your blood flow will be expanded. You can get more fuel for your everyday work.

Simple Bowel Movement:

The fiber present in semolina can assist your stomach-related framework with working. Subsequently, you can process food effectively and help in simple solid discharge as well.

Balance Food

Since the inside semolina presents low cholesterol and low sodium, it makes semolina an ideal equilibrium food to sustain your day.

Sound Muscle

Inside semolina contains sufficient calcium and magnesium which can assist your muscle with keeping sound.

Control Portion

Because of the durum wheat (hard assortment) in semolina, it can take some time for your stomach to process this food. That implies you can not feel ravenous for a longer timeframe and you can graduate from indulging propensity.

Nourish Skin:

The last medical advantage of Semolina is great for the skin. As a rich wellspring of protein, semolina can support your skin. Make it more sound and look pleasant.

These are many benefits some of you may recognize at this point. For certain, countries like India, by semolina may be found. Semolina can be a replacement for any principal dish which contains lots of sugar.

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